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Hydrapac Italia History

benvenutoHydrapac Italia is a leading supplier of hydraulic systems and components and the main exporter towards former Ex-USSR countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia etc..··
Hydrapac Italia offers to its customers a complete range of products and services: design and building of hydraulic systems and prototypes according to the highest technological standards; supplying of components and systems ready for operation; installation, testing and after market services.·
Our main targets are the quality products, guaranteed from our partners and the optimization of services through a central purchasing policy, the cut of delivery times, low transport charges and custom fees, search of the newest products and technologies.·
Our experience in solving general problems and our solid competence in trade negotiations, within the markets we refer to, make Hydrapac Italia the ideal partner of those companies who aims to enter Eastern markets.·
Hydrapac Italia is every day the most relevant partner for many customers working in different sectors (such as building, nautical, agricultural, mining, wood, metal, oil, industries etc.)

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