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Usually considered as the place of large quantities, the turner's shops have lately become also very accurate. Indeed, the modern high-speed turning can achieve surface roughness similar to the one obtained with the best grinding results a few years ago. Even in this field it is thus important to carry out the deburring and finishing processes in a reliable and automated way, complying with geometry and tolerance requirements.

System integrated and precision of micro-abrasive blasting with an advanced machining platform for superior control quality and repeatability. Standard Lathe: ideally suited for abrading parts that require precision material removal, cleaning or texturing. A self-contained workstation the Standard Lathe delivers a powerful stream of abrasive in a programmable pattern ensuring a high degree of repeatability and control.

Advanced Lathe: is designed for the steady processing of precision parts in a production environment. The Advanced Lathe has all the features of the Standard Lathe with the addition of an onboard computer that is network compatible.







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