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Top international seller sandblasting machine

Sandblasting, deburring and cleaning machine. Hydrapac, top international company, offers all prudutcs at best price.

For our surface treatment and finishing machines we chose compressed air technology. The various product families feature different size, output, automation, accessories and customisations but they all, with few exceptions, can perform various aesthetic and technologic finishing surface treatments. They derive from our direct field experience and we design them according to the cutting-edge ergonomic, energy-saving, sturdiness and wear standards. We use highly efficient (low-absorption) components as well as special technical solutions such as special wear-proof materials designed for this type of applications.

Our special machines are engineered and designed according to the customer's specific requirements. Thanks to our long-time experience and focus on research, we can exploit the surface treatments and use them as processes for really enhancing the products.We co-operate with our customers to pinpoint the “ideal solution” and create tailor-made systems.

Biomedical industry Blasting composite Ceramic blasting Energy production blasting Glass blasting Hardware blasting for door and window Mould blast and blasting Sand tool blasting and cleaning Sandblasting deburring cleaning system Sandblasting aeronautics

Sandblasting, cleaning and deburring materials:

Sandblasting cast iron

Sandblasting ferrite

sandblasting titanium

Sandblasting special product:

stainless steel blasting

sandblasting small parts

sandblasting foundry product

sandblasting plastic product


sandblasting machine sandblasting mechanical component sandblasting method Turning industry blasting







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Sandblasting titanium
Tuesday, 30 November 1999
Sandblasting titanium: Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It has a low density and is a strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant... Read more...
Sandblasting method
Tuesday, 30 November 1999
Sandblasting can be used as an accent to your stained glass or fused glass, or it can be the major aspect of your glasswork. With an understanding of the basics and a little creativity, this... Read more...
Tuesday, 30 November 1999
MOULDS BLASTThis field joins together hot forming, aluminium die-casting, plastic and rubber moulding and many more processes. It features an aggressive competition so that all treatments that could... Read more...