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Sandblasting aeronautic

It seems fairly obvious that aeronautical components key features are top performance and reliability. Shot peening is hence the main treatment required for this industry since it ensures strength, lightweight as well as dependability features. For the same reasons, even surface controlled roughness to ensure perfect adhesion of galvanic coatings or a simple deburring operation take on a highly technological importance in this field. Aeronautical afterburners, components, lead nut, lead nut for ball screw, aeronautic field, no end.

We have integrated the "Aeronautics" production line, incorporating the processing steps of Sandblasting - Equipment construction - Hard chrome plating - Tempering - into our manufacturing plant. We use only the very latest technologies, guaranteeing a process-reliable production sequence and uninterrupted documentation.

We have been granted the relevant approval for the processing of parts and components based on the auditing of our process by our aeronautical customers in compliance with the applicable aeronautical standards (e.g. LN 29 748, AMS-QQ-C-320, LAT 4-3200). Parallel to our production, we conduct adhesion, embrittlement (e.g. LAT 4-3202) and corrosion tests on parallel samples at regular intervals.

We are continually working on the further development of our entire process chain together with our customers.

Major supplier to the aerospace and aircraft industry for over 10 years, providing state-of-the-art surface preparation and enhancement equipment. By designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing hundreds of systems, has gained extensive experience and understanding of the requirements of this industry.

Numerous technological improvements for the aircraft industry, such as PC-based process monitoring, rotary lance peening, gravity accelerated shot peening, closed loop plasma process controllers, the 100HE high enthalpy plasma torch, and many others.







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